Nutritional Supplements

Fortifying Your Dog's function

Nutritional supplements are an important aspect of healing as well as maintaining overall function. 

 At Stride we’ve got you covered with these highly recommended, clinically and scientifically proven supplements that help decrease pain, increase strength and improve joint health. 

Dasuquin Advanced

For optimal joint health, this supplement is our go-to when it comes to our patients and our own dogs. Healthy and comfortable joints start with healthy, functional cartilage. Unlike many over-the-counter joint supplements, this third party tested product is guaranteed to have the ingredients listed on the website.

Helps support cartilage matrix production.
Helps inhibit cartilage breakdown.
Provides antioxidant support.

Welactin - EPA/DHA Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Welactin offers one of the highest concentrations and correct ratio of the omega-3 fatty acids your dog needs. Countless scientific studies have shown its efficacy in reducing pain associated with arthritis when dosed appropriately. If you are already feeding a diet rich in omega fatty acids let us know so we can be sure your pet is getting the right amount!

MyosVet (Fortetropin)

Muscle atrophy is a significant cause of ongoing weakness and is often associated with slow recovery from injury or surgery.

MyosVet is a product designed to specifically target your pet's ability to develop lean muscle mass so that they can recovery more quickly.