“…Kristin has been with us from the beginning of the process and I have to say her care, knowledge and professionalism have made such a difference to me and to Oliver. She is compassionate and empathetic. She has dogs and understands how we feel about ours. How much they’ve settled in our hearts. She loves our dogs along with us through the process. For me, this is what I need and I know Oliver is getting what he needs and loving it.”  Pam ~ Bend, Oregon

“…Kristin has a very gentle way with dogs that makes even the most fearful or shy patient feel at ease in her presence.” Amber ~ Bend, Oregon

“If it were not for Kristin’s help with the exercise program I do with Meg I don’t think she would be working sheep soundly today. We have gone from leash walking (3 years ago) to work. Kristin has a great eye for movement. She understands the body and which parts to work to help fix a problem. She will always be a part of team Michelle and Meg. Both of my dogs have benefited greatly from their relationship with Kristin.”  Michelle ~ Bend, Oregon

“… He is now amazingly aware of his body – no more tripping, knocking things down or falling off equipment.  We have learned to stretch him properly, to address specific muscle needs and to properly use the equipment Kristin provides.  Kristin is a patient teacher who instructs us clearly so we are getting the most out of the exercises she designs.” Cathy ~ Bend, Oregon

I have been highly impressed with Coal progress and would recommend Stride to any pet needing physical therapy! – Connie ~ Bend, Oregon

Stride helped my 15 year old Shitzsu-mix recover mobilty after a stroke and for the last year has worked with my 15 year old husky-mix to maintain her ability to keep walking–a mile a day. Thank your Stride! ~ Diana ~ Bend, Oregon

Compassionate, professional, the Stride team responds to the needs of the dog, drawing upon a wealth of knowledge and training.  Julie ~ Bend, Oregon