Dog walking in underwater treadmill

Hydrotherapy is a wonderful way to increase mobility and strength. Our underwater treadmill allows us to have complete control over water depth and speed and nearly every patient benefits from this amazing service. 

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise assures that your dog regains function where function is needed. Our detailed and individualized programs are structured in safe, effective and fun sessions that are sure to put a smile on your face.



We offer several non-invasive modalities including laser therapy and shockwave treatments to accelerate healing, decrease pain and improve function. These modalities are an integral part of our patients’ physical rehabilitation programs.  

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy,  massage therapy and chiropractic care offer restorative benefits to pets who are struggling with chronic conditions as well as those who have been injured or have had surgery. 

Janice McConnell, DVM, CCRT, cVMA



Acupuncture is a wonderful therapy that can help reduce pain, improve neurological function and stimulate the healing process.