Physical Evaluation

At Stride, we pride ourselves on performing the most comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation possible.

In depth palpation of soft tissue coupled with detailed yet gentle manipulation of your dogs injury or surgery site as well as of “unaffected” limbs and spine help us locate problem areas. These compensatory, problem areas may be slowing progression by limiting function due to pain or discomfort.

Each evaluation takes into consideration your dog’s medical and functional history while also attending to their emotional needs during their visit with us. We use minimal restraint and fear free/force free techniques.

Strength and functional assessment is generally accomplished through observation of your dog’s current ability to perform certain movements and posture. Our highly trained eyes can pick out the most subtle of physical compensation and weakness, helping isolate what your dog will benefit from the most while they are taking part of a physical rehabilitation program.

We understand that injury often affects more than one aspect of a dog’s anatomy and emotional well being. We will always do our best to address the health of the “whole” dog in order to maximize their full potential for recovery and sound function.

Please plan to spend sixty to ninety minutes with us during your dog’s initial evaluation. We will discuss a variety of topics including exercise modification, recommended rehabilitation treatments and exercises, medications and nutritional/joint supplements that will all be tailored to fit you and your dog’s needs.

At your evaluation you will likely receive your first set of home exercises. If you have a device you can take recordings on, it can be helpful to have this at home in the event you need a reminder of the exercises.