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My dog does not like water. Is hydrotherapy still an option?

We see many dogs who are not naturally drawn to water do remarkably well in the underwater treadmill. Our handling and training methods provide the needed encouragement and support for patients who are hesitant to participate. Rarely, do we get a patient that we can’t do hydrotherapy with. We have even had a cat successfully navigate hydrotherapy sessions. 

Can I drop my dog off for the day?

Our facility is not set up to board and monitor pets for the day so we ask that you wait at our facility while your pet is being seen. 

How long do appointments last?

Generally speaking, most follow- up physical rehabilitation appointments last 30 minutes.

New patient evaluations last 60-90 minutes.

Acupuncture appointments last 40-45 minutes

My dog already has a diagnosis, so why does my dog need to have another physical evaluation ?

By law, we must perform our own exam to establish a proper client/patient relationship. Even when written records are provided, our own practitioner’s assessment findings are the result of specialized training. This training and experience allows us to provide a detailed and personalized hydrotherapy or rehabilitation plan of care for your pet.  

My pet was recommended to Stride for hydrotherapy services. How do I schedule these?

Normally, Stride patients participate in multi-modal treatment sessions which include hydrotherapy, therapeutic exercise, laser and other modalities that help reduce pain and increase function. When you commit to a hydrotherapy only protocol at Stride, the associated cost will reflect our follow-up rehabilitation appointment, which lasts up to 30 minutes. Your pet may begin with much shorter sessions and it is important to note that we are not able to reduce our rates to reflect that shorter session. Please reach out to us for more detailed information or to schedule your pet’s evaluation.

Do pet insurance companies reimburse for physical rehabilitation?

Many pet insurance companies provide benefits for veterinary provided physical rehabilitation. Please contact your pet insurance carrier to find out the specific details of your pet’s plan.

My dog is uncomfortable around new people and places. How will you help build a trusting relationship?

We utilize fear free and force free handling techniques and will always do our best to be sure your dog is as comfortable as possible. We implement positive reinforcement training techniques using food as our main source of reinforcement which often results in dogs who decide Stride is a fun place to be. (We agree.)