Conditions We Help

Has your dog had surgery to repair an orthopedic injury? Let our team help get your dog back to doing what they love!

Does your dog have chronic arthritis associated with elbow or hip dysplasia? These patients are excellent candidates for multi modal rehabilitation services, inluding acupuncture, chiropractic work, hydrotherapy, laser therapy and therapeutic exercise.

If your dog has back pain or weakness associated with chronic disc disease or other degenerative neurological disease, we can help improve function using a variety of modalities, fit carts and assistive devices and help you assess quality of life if needed. These patients benefit greatly from work in our underwater treadmill.

Soft tissue strains can be the most challenging but most rewarding to help your dog get through! With the ability to track healing progress using diagnostic ultrasound we can fine tune a program more easily so that your dog returns to function more quickly and safely.

Do you have a sporting dog? We offer several services to help keep your dog in top performance condition! We can teach you very specific exercises to do at home or as a part of a fitness class. Additionally, many sporting dogs benefit from regular hydrotherapy sessions in the underwater treadmill.